The Plasma Proteome Institute is working to facilitate clinical adoption

of advanced diagnostic tests using proteins in plasma and serum.


The plasma proteome is both the most useful and the most difficult version of the human proteome. Clinical exploitation of its value faces major technical, regulatory, financial and IP barriers.


New papers: A List of Candidate Cancer Biomarkers for Targeted Proteomics [Complete list as spreadsheet]


Quantitative MRM Assays for Major Plasma Proteins

  -  Other PPI papers and available fulltext

PPI slide presentation at ABRF meeting in Longbeach CA, Feb 2006 (7 MB)

  -  Other PPI slide presentations


PPI is collaborating to develop the databases and measurement technology required to validate candidate marker panels in large clinical samples sets.


The Canary Foundation has provided a seed grant to accelerate PPI's work on the SISCAPA biomarker validation technology

PPI has formed a collaboration with Molecular Connections (Bangalore) to advance the Plasma Protein Database


Last updated 24 June 2006