Upcoming Events

Dr. Leigh Anderson will be speaking at the following meetings over the coming months:


Royal Society of Chemistry's Biomarker Conference, London, UK

May 10, 2006

ASMS in Seattle WA

June 1, 2006

Canadian ClinChem Symposium in Victoria BC

June 6, 2006

Drug Discovery Technologies in Boston MA

August 7-10, 2006

Siena Proteomics Meeting (Italy)

September 4-7, 2006

Biomarkers of Cardiovascular Risk, Mayo Clinic, Rochester MN

November 16-17, 2006


Recent Past Presentations


CHI Plasma Proteome, San Diego, CA

January 10-11, 2006

ABRF 2006 Annual Meeting, Long Beach, CA

February 11-14, 2006

AAAS Proteomics Symposium, Saint Louis, MO

February 17, 2006

Swiss Proteomics Society (Keynote), Zurich, Switzerland

December 5-7, 2005

Department of Structural Biology and Bioinformatics, Geneva University Medical Center (CMU), Switzerland

November 8, 2005

AACC: Proteomics, a New Diagnostic Frontier, Washington DC

October 24-25, 2005

ASMS Biomarkers, Discovery and Validation: From Lab Bench to Bedside, Asilomar, CA
October 14-18, 2005

2nd Symposium on Enabling Technologies for Proteomics, Calgary, Alberta
September 22, 23, 2005

Therapeutic Applications of Computational Biology, Wellcome Genome Centre, Hinxton, UK

September 4-6 , 2005

American Association of Clinical Chemists, Orlando, FL

July 25, 2005

American Society for Mass Spectrometry, San Antonio, TX

June 7-9 , 2005

AFMR Symposia at International Physiological Congress/Experimental Biology 2005, San Diego, CA

March 31- April 5, 2005

IBC's Biomarker Pipeline, Boston, MA

March 14-16, 2005

Symposium “Inundated with Data: the "-Omics" Problem”, AAAS Annual Meeting Washington DC

Feb 19, 2005

2005 ABRF Annual Meeting: Biomolecular Technologies:  Discovery to Hypothesis,

Savannah, Georgia

February 5-8, 2005

Centers for Disease Control Lecture Series, CDC, Atlanta
Oct 20, 2004

IBC Chips to Hits, Boston, MA
Sep 20-22, 2004

Siena Proteomics Meeting, Siena, Italy
Aug 29-Sep 2, 2004

Int'l Congress of Immunology, Montreal, Canada
July 20, 2004

IBC Advances in Protein Science, Boston, MA
Apr 19, 2004

IBC Biomarkers: Applications of Proteomics and Microarrays, Reston, VA
Feb 9, 2004

CHI Human Proteome meeting in San Diego
Jan 14, 2004

2nd Swedish Proteomics Society Symposium in Lund, Sweden
Dec 7-8, 2003

National Hemophilia Foundation meeting in Salt Lake City
Nov 6, 2003

Maximize Phase I Trials, Washington DC
Sep 29-30, 2003

MGED: Microarray Gene Expression Data Society meeting in Aix-en-Provence
Sep 3-5 2003, keynote presentation